For Buyers

Here are some advantages of buying at an online auction.

– The opportunity to purchase the item for less than you expected to pay.

– Knowing that you didn’t overpay because there was someone else willing to pay one bid increment below what you paid.

– All bidders are on a level playing field because online bidding terms and conditions apply equally to all bidders.

– No negotiating conflicts or haggling over price.

– When the auction is over, the buyer knows immediately if he/she won the item.


What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A buyer’s premium is a percentage added to the bid to determine the final selling price of the item sold. For example, if there is a 10% buyer’s premium and the final bid is $100.00, the final selling price is $110.00.

Proxy Bidding

System bidding up to the max bid you have entered based on the incremental increase of each product. When other people bid on an item you are the high bidder on it will increase your bid to the next increment until your max bid is reached or no one bids against you or the auction ends.


Pre-auction Inspections

In all online auctions, the property is sold “as is” with no condition or contingency. The public is welcome to inspection of the personal property items prior to the auction. See auction details for inspection times and location.


Buyer/Bidder Registration

Bidder Registration is done via our website by clicking the Bidder “Registration” tab where we will gather all of the pertinent information including payment info to get you started with your online auction experience.  Once you have registered you are ready to start placing bids on items of interest

For Sellers


We do purchase items and take consignments!!!!

Do you have stuff you want to sell (coins, jewelry, gold, estates, property and house hold items) let us help you!!!


Please give us a call and we will discuss the type of sale and options that would benefit you. Reach out to us in one of three easy ways: Text or Call (502)802-1437, Email:, or facebook @KandjauctionsLLC