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LIVE Auctions

Dates, times and locations will be posted on our website for live auctions…. SO PLEASE keep watching.

Live auctions can be lively affairs, with participants bidding on various goods and services as an auctioneer acts as moderator. Live auctions are conducted by communication, either verbal with, the auctioneer, taking bids as he sells the item. (Our auctioneer works to see all bidders so when bidding please make sure to be seen and heard as bidding is done, because bid acceptance is at the discretion of the auctioneer and he must be able to see you)

All Bidders Must Register at Live Auction

Before being allowed to bid, all bidders must register with the auction house, presenting valid identification (driver’s license) and credit/debit card *** (No card on file means you are not able to load items until PAID in full). Bidders will in turn be issued a number that will stay assigned to them at the auction house for future sales.

****PLEASE NOTE:  NO Charges will be placed on your card unless you leave without paying but this gives you the ability to load during the sale. If not we ask that you wait until you have paid to load any items purchased. Taking unpaid items from the building even though you have won the bid is still considered theft.


Online Auctions

We provide Auction services to the Louisville area buying and selling real estate, antiques, art, collectibles, vehicles, equipment, machinery, tools or household goods.

Online auctions allow you to bid on items from the comfort of your home.

Timed Internet Auctions

  • An event with only electronic online bidding.
  • During a period, bidding is allowed for items.
  • Bidders may bid, within a range, and keep participating until their maximum bid is reached, or time for ending the bidding expires.
  • Proxy Bidding with Max Bid settings
  • Pick Dates and times are set, if you need to make other arrangements this will be at the owner discretion (So please note pick up information on each sale before bidding). Please email KandJauctions@outlook.com for any questions.

All Bidders Must Register Online

Bidders must complete login and select a payment method in order to be allowed to participate in online auctions. Payment is expected at the time the auction ends, so please have funds available for winning items.


If you have a resale tax ID and have registered with us please select the pay cash on pickup option to receive your discount or if you want to have your item shipped please send us an email and we will send you a custom invoice, we are working on creating a better system to apply your discount.


The Winners Pick UP

Please note K and J Auctions LLC. will have set pick up times for purchased items you are unable to take the day of live Auctions and set times for pickups for Online Auctions. Any other pickup needs will have to be approved by owner at their discretion so please make sure to plan pick ups, items not picked up in set times and that have no other approved arrangements will be resold.

Please note all cash payments are expected before pick up or credit card payment must have cleared the website before you will be allowed to remove won items.

***PLEASE NOTE IF USING A SALES TAX CERTIFICATE PLEASE SELECT CASH PAYMENT OPTION AND WE WILL APPLY YOUR DISCOUNT at pickup temporarily,  valid copy of the sales tax certificate is required to remove tax. We will accept credit cards at pickup for this reason only*****

Pick up Location will be Louisville KY 40258 area unless listed different on the individual auctions.

Please see terms/ conditions and privacy page for additional questions.



Products will state whether shipping is offered or not, please make sure to pay attention to this in each listing based on your needs. All our shipping is done with USPS, please use their calculator and the size given in the product to estimate shipping.

If you have items in your cart that do not offer shipping, no shipping will be offered on all items placed in the cart. If you wish to pick up some items and ship some items please check out items individually.